Private tours in Granada: guided tours tailor-made for you

Our private tours in Granada are what you need to discover all the secrets of this charming city. Andalucía Exclusiva will provide you with an official guide of the utmost professionalism, in the language you need and the time availability that suits you best.  On this page, we tell you about all the details, from the proposed routes to the advantages of trusting our agency. One of the fascinating cities in Spain awaits you: visit it with a guide!


Such a monumental and exciting city cannot be met in a single tour, must-see places would be left out of the program! Therefore, our private tours of Granada are divided into several themed tours, with which you can discover the capital of the ancient Nazari kingdom in depth. Here are the main proposals we offer, or you can combine them according to your taste, depending on your spare time, or propose other routes.

The Alhambra and the Generalife

If there is a famous monument of Granada in the whole world, that is the Alhambra. This palace complex composed of different buildings and gardens was designed to accommodate the emir and the court of the Nazari Kingdom, with every comfort and maximum safety, defensive militarily protected against possible attacks. Certainly a royal residence at the level of leaders who strongly promoted the culture.

Of all our private tours to Granada, this is one of the most demanded among our customers. And tourists in general, because it is one of Spain’s most visited monuments, with more than 2.5 million people a year.

Although visiting the Alhambra may take several hours, the tour is often completed with a Generalife tour. This close architectural ensemble was conceived as a rustic villa for the Nazari kings’ rest, so it also has ample space for gardens, fountains, and patios.

The Alhambra, the Generalife, and the landscaped spaces total more than 10 hectares of land. Therefore, you will find one of Granada’s most comprehensive private tours, especially if you spend a whole day.

If you want more information about the route and the tour conditions, you can visit this page.

Albaicin and Sacromonte

Few neighborhoods have as much charm as the Albaicin and Sacromonte. And precisely for this reason, they make up one of our private tours to Granada, in which we visit its most characteristic spots … which are many.

Albaicin (or Albayzin, as has been often referenced) is the Hispano Muslim old neighborhood of the city, with streets, squares, and buildings that still retain their original flavor. A good example is the carmen, great exponent of the local folk architecture: farmsteads with orchard or garden that, despite reconverted into restaurants, museums, or other uses, still maintain their intimate and natural character.

The Sacromonte, meanwhile, is the gypsy neighborhood of the city. And therefore, it is closely related to flamenco, so you could not miss our catalog of private tours to Granada. Its caves are home to numerous artists of this genre, particularly the gypsy zambra, probably the subgenre most closely related to Muslim culture.

Here we tell you more about this particular tour.

The Cathedral and the Royal Chapel

Our private tours to Granada will also take you to meet the most important monuments that emerged after the city’s conquest in 1492. In fact, among the most visited locations by tourists are the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, the two great exponents of the new Christian architecture.

The Cathedral, built in the 16th century, is one of the greatest works of the Spanish Renaissance, designed by Diego de Siloé. However, it also has essential Baroque elements added later, mainly the façade from the mid-17th century, and the great Granada’s artist Alonso Cano.

Beyond its artistic and religious value, this space is filled with symbolism as the Catholic Kings site for their burial. The remains of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon rest in the Royal Chapel, as well as to their successors, Joanna I of Castile and Philip I «the Handsome.»

If you want to know how to visit these two locations and other places belonging to the so-called ‘Monumental Granada,’ you can see this page.

Other themed tours

Although these three private tours to Granada are the most demanded by tourists who visit the city, there are many other possibilities within your reach. For example, the Lorcan Granada, i.e., a route with the places related to the writer Federico García Lorca, as the Huerta de San Vicente, his summer home Vega today has been converted into a museum. Or the route of the convents and Mudejar art, a style based in the city after 1492. Or the path of Isabel the Catholic, which will take you to the places linked to this modern monarch who changed the city forever. Or any other that is of interest to you!


The private tours of Granada that you can book with Andalucía Exclusiva are a guarantee of quality and satisfaction, for many reasons. First, because we only work with official tourist guides, accredited by the Junta of Andalusia or other competent authorities. They are not only trained professionals in the field of history and culture but also in the languages and dealing with tourists from all provenance so that you will feel comfortable in their company from the first moment.

Another of the significant advantages of our guided tours of the Granada service is that we can handle the purchase of all the tickets planned for the tour. Both tickets for the Alhambra as the Royal Chapel and other countries require or no prior reservation. Thus, you avoid unwanted lines and wait, regardless of the tour schedule.

On the other hand, we will advise you with tips about the tour. For example, the most suitable time to visit a monument, the tour’s ideal length, depending on the members of the group or the most recommended restoration area after finishing the tour. Our guides will be your best travel companions in the city!

And in general, what makes us different is our flexibility and adaptability to customer’s requirements. We will tailor tours for you, for example, concerning mobility: although the itineraries are mostly done on foot, we can also organize a Segway tour, in a private vehicle with a driver, an electric bike… or even a hot air balloon!

Contact us to book your tour or for more information about our private tours to Granada. There is no better way to see this city classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO!

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