Helicopter services in Malaga and the rest of Andalusia

Do you need to fly with a helicopter in Malaga or anywhere else in Andalusia? Our agency will handle all the details of your transfer so that you travel safely and on time. On this page, we tell you what this luxury service consists of, which you can use for practical reasons or an unforgettable experience to discover your tourist destination.


Flying by helicopter over Malaga and the rest of the Andalusian provinces is an efficient way to travel, for many reasons. For example, it allows us to complete long distances in a short time, comparable to a high-speed train. But with an added advantage: it offers much more flexibility in terms of times and places of take-off and landing. Although our suppliers often use heliports or aerodromes for these maneuvers, it is possible to do it in any open space with the owner’s authorization.

Displacements between Andalusian provinces

Everything mentioned above makes the helicopter a perfectly valid option to travel between Andalusian cities or provinces, weather conditions permitting at any time of the year. These are some of the most common transfers offered by our providers:

  • Marbella-Malaga: a route of about 70 km of distance that connects the two most important cities in the province, that is, the Malaga capital and the capital of luxury tourism on the Costa del Sol. It is also a practical option to travel to or from Malaga Airport. It works as a quick alternative to transfers with other means of transport (taxi, train, bus), also serving as a transfer to the María Zambrano AVE station.
  • Marbella-Seville: a route that brings the Costa del Sol closer to the capital of Andalusia, and vice versa, thanks to a journey of about 180 km. Therefore, it is also an exciting transfer to or from the airport of this city and the AVE station of Santa Justa.
  • Marbella-Granada: this route takes about two hours to complete the 180 km distance that separates this coastal city from the city of Granada, located more than 700 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. The perfect option for those who do not want to leave Andalusia without visiting the Alhambra

But these are just some of the many helicopter routes from Malaga or Marbella, as in general the course can be customized to travel to or from other vital heliports in the area, such as Algeciras or Gibraltar, which serve the Sotogrande luxury development and the British Rock, respectively. With its essential speed circuit, Jerez is also a regular destination for these flights, as is the always fascinating Córdoba, the cradle of ancient civilizations such as the Muslim or the Sephardic.

Helicopter flights for international trips

Flying by helicopter from Malaga or Cádiz is also a popular option for those who want to make longer trips, even between different countries and continents. The southernmost provinces of Andalusia’s strategic location allow crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to go to Spanish cities in North Africa, such as Melilla and Ceuta, and the neighboring country of Morocco. In this sense, the most common and practical destination in Tangier, the gateway for many international travelers.

For this reason, our helicopter flights will allow you to make your travel program more flexible and develop a customized route, either between the Andalusian provinces, to other regions of Spain, or even for combined circuits with Morocco.


Another option at your fingertips is to fly by helicopter in Malaga and other Andalusian provinces to discover the region touristically and from another point of view. In this sense, our suppliers organize air tours through some of the most symbolic areas of southern Spain, which radiate a unique beauty when seen from a bird’s eye view.

They are tours of different durations, from 20 minutes to several hours, which usually have a single take-off and landing point, although the route can be adapted to the client’s needs and preferences. Depending on factors such as duration, distance, or weather conditions, the flight height is variable; some proposals are more suitable for contemplating the skyline of a city and others, enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of the coastline, a meadow natural or an inland mountain range.

Some examples of the available tours

These are some of the best helicopter tours in Malaga and in the rest of Andalusia, which can be associated with other additional services on board or after setting foot on land:

  • Ronda combines the charm of its picturesque location on the famous Tajo de Ronda and the beauty of its mountains’ natural landscapes. Undoubtedly, the ideal medium to take the best photos is to keep the retina the fascinating perspective of this legendary city.
  • Ascari Circuit: located in the surroundings of Ronda, it has its heliport, so this is the most spectacular way to access it. Flying over its track is also an experience in itself, one that will not disappoint motor racing fans.
  • Visits to vineyards and wineries in the region: using a helicopter flight from Malaga, Cádiz, or other provinces, you will have the opportunity to live your passion for wine tourism more intensely. Flying over the vineyard, you will know the environment and the extension of the plantation. After landing in its surroundings, you will discover it first hand, with a tailor-made experience in which you will not miss a guided tour of the winery and a tasting of its wines.
  • A full day of golf: accessing your favorite golf course by helicopter is an exceptional experience. On the one hand, it allows you to appreciate the beauty of the environment in which it is located and, on the other, to better analyze the length and layout of the 18 holes that await you. Also, both Malaga and its neighbor Cádiz are the provinces with the most excellent variety of courses so that you can choose between many different options.

And if you have any other proposal that you want to suggest, you have to tell us. We will make your wish to fly by helicopter over Malaga, Cádiz, Seville, or any province you choose come true, either for logistical needs or for the mere pleasure of enjoying the experience. Contact our agency now, and we will start working on it!

Helicopter tours and transfers in Andalusia

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