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If you organize your trip to Andalusia with us, the experiences we will provide will make a difference. Our agency has numerous providers throughout the autonomous community, so that we can offer you a full list of activities and unforgettable experiences. In this section, you will be able to know them in detail. It will be impossible for you to get bored!


The variety of experiences in Andalusia is so vast that you will always find a perfect plan at your fingertips. Whether you are a couple or a family, a group of friends, a cultural association, or any other group, you will find in our list of proposals options for all tastes and in all the provinces of the region.


Andalusian gastronomy is one of the great pleasures that everyone who visits the region can enjoy, and for this reason, it has become a real tourist attraction. Our agency has agreements with the most varied establishments in all the provinces to live the best culinary experience during your holidays.

  • Tapas tour: personalized and tailor-made tour to practice one of the ‘national sports’ in southern Spain: tapas. In all the cities of Andalusia, you will find bars and taverns where the excellent atmosphere reigns … and the excellent taste.
  • Visits to wineries and wine tastings: in Andalusia, experiences in vineyards, wineries, and wine bars are the order of the day, as it is one of the regions with the greatest passion for wine. We will take care of organizing visits and tastings so that you can get to know the wines with Denomination of Origin and other official recognitions of the board and spirits and spirits famous throughout Spain.
  • Ham tasting: Andalusia is also the land of the best ham, with two D.O. of Iberian (Jabugo and Los Pedroches) and areas of recognized prestige in Serrano production (Trevélez and Serón). For this reason, we organize visits to pastures and drying rooms, and we hold the best tasting of this ‘pata negra’ product wherever you want it.
  • Oleotourism and olive oil tasting: Córdoba and Jaén are authentic world leaders in ‘liquid gold,’ that is, olive oil. But the rest of the provinces also have a lot of tradition behind them. Therefore, if you want to know the delicacies of this jewel of Andalusian gastronomy, we will organize a tailor-made experience to know everything surrounding this universal product: olive groves, oil mills, museums, tastings, etc.


Suppose you want to witness a good show in Andalusia, the experiences that we propose revolve mainly around flamenco, a significant hallmark of the region. But we can also reserve other shows and events for you, folk music and a more modern style. The region’s entertainment offering never stops beating!

  • Flamenco: cities like Granada or Jerez have authentic temples of this musical genre, that is, tablaos in which you will see some of the most outstanding figures on the current scene up close. And the same happens with Seville, Córdoba or Malaga, where the variety of proposals is also vast. If you want to organize your flamenco party, we will take care of bringing together the best cast of artists for your event. It will be unforgettable!


In addition to shows and shows in concert halls, tablaos or theaters, in all Andalusian cities, extraordinary festivities are celebrated, challenging to find elsewhere. They usually happen once a year, configuring a vibrant and suggestive calendar, with proposals. Therefore, if you want to enjoy 100% authentic experiences in Andalusia, we can make your trip revolve around some of the most symbolic festive events in the region. From the Romería del Rocío in Huelva to the April Fair or Holy Week in Seville, they were passing through the Carnivals of Cadiz or the Festival of the Patios of Córdoba.


But if instead of being a spectator you want to be the protagonist in the first person, our agency offers you a long list of proposals in Andalusia, with experiences from the world of nature, sports or well-being. An unbeatable option to experience emotions such as tranquility, vertigo, or surprise.


The region has National and Natural Parks, maritime and terrestrial, with incomparable biodiversity in fauna and flora. Therefore, if you are interested in ecological tourism in Andalusia, the experiences that we put at your fingertips will leave you speechless.

  • Maritime and river walks: few towns have such a nautical vocation as the Andalusian. The commercial and marinas are distributed along the coastlines of the five coastal provinces (Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga, Granada, and Almería) and the banks of the mythical Guadalquivir river. Therefore, embarking on a promenade or river will help you to know the essence of this region.
  • Whale watching: the region is the meeting point between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A few miles from the Andalusian coast, you can see marine fauna in total freedom. Whales, dolphins, sperm whales, and killer whales are the most iconic species that you can spot on board adapted boats and in the company of the best professionals, with our agency’s help.
  • Birdwatching: the wealth of the Andalusian birdlife is undoubtedly one of the richest in Europe. A good fault for this is its strategic location as a passage on the migratory routes between the Old Continent and Africa. Doñana, the inland lagoons, the Natural Park of the Strait, and the steep peaks of its mountains congregate every year and in all seasons such fascinating species as flamingos, imperial eagles, cranes or bearded vultures. And with our agency, you can enjoy these experiences in Andalusia in any SPA or strategic natural space for ornithological tourism.


We can also help you organize a special sports day, organizing every detail of your experience, from renting the equipment to reserving the space to practice it. Andalusia has first-class facilities in the most varied disciplines, highly experienced instructors, and natural corners that make the experience even more special. And you can practice it whatever your level!

  • Golf: Andalusia is the community with the most significant number of golf courses in Spain, by far. And it rubs shoulders with the best in Europe in this regard. Málaga and Cádiz stand out for their great offer, but all the provinces have enough proposals for all levels. Leave this point in our hands, and we will give you access to the best holes in your destination.
  • Surfing and other water activities: the variety of marinas and nautical leisure companies are a perfect combination for lovers of all types of surfing, canoeing, and other water sports. If you want to conquer the best waves or cross dreamy coastal waters, trust our agency’s suppliers.
  • Diving: scuba diving deserves a special mention in Andalusia. Snorkeling, autonomous diving or scuba diving experiences vary throughout the community, but especially in Almería and Malaga. If you want to add a safe and fascinating dive to your trip, you have to contact us.
  • Equestrian routes: the horse is undoubtedly one of the most symbolic animals of the Andalusian region. It not only gives its name to one of the most valued breeds globally, but its presence in society is outstanding. For this reason, the many companies and professionals in the world of horse riding are at your disposal to take routes through natural landscapes, urban itineraries in carriages or display artistic shows in which dance and dressage are mixed. Ask us, and we will help you find a unique equestrian experience.
  • Active tourism activities: in Natural Parks and, especially, in the numerous mountains of Andalusia, the experiences at your fingertips are abundant, representing one of the great claims to enjoy sports and nature. The mountains of Cazorla, Segura, and Las Villas are a good example. The same happens with Grazalema or Las Nieves, without forgetting other outdoor corners where you can do bungee jumping or 4×4, among other options.
  • Skiing: In winter, the Sierra Nevada resort becomes one of the tourist epicenters of the region, in this case, to take advantage of the possibilities offered by its slopes for alpine skiing, snowboarding, and other snow disciplines. If you need help with your ski pass or other details, you can contact Andalucía Exclusiva.



Of course, in Andalusia, wellness experiences are another great attraction for visitors. Well-being related not only to spas and thermal waters but also to treatments in private centers, abundant on the Costa del Sol and other strategic areas of the region.

  • Arab baths: the Arab heritage can be seen in many elements of Andalusian culture. And an excellent example of this is the Arab baths or Hammans, thermal spaces that have their roots in the Andalusian civilization, and where you will find the perfect atmosphere and treatments to relax 100%. If you want to enjoy a most restorative experience, contact us to book your session.

All of this is just a sample of what we can offer you, as the offer includes many other proposals spread throughout the community. Leave your program in our hands, and we will make you enjoy your trip to Andalusia to the fullest with experiences for all tastes, personalized, and at your own pace. They will be etched in your memory!

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