Trips, circuits, and private routes through Andalusia

Our circuits through Andalusia are made to discover and enjoy this region to your liking and at your own pace. The destinations to visit and the experiences to live are at your choice, leaving the personalized organization of the entire trip in our hands. However, we have already designed tour packages, based on highly successful routes among national and foreign visitors. Some of the places that you will know are provincial capitals, charming towns, paradisiacal beaches, national parks…

This page will serve as your gateway to those tour packages that we prepare for all types of travelers, leaving open the possibility of personalizing each proposal since we are an agen


Although we have organized the Destinations section by provinces to understand this region better, the truth is that the circuits in Andalusia tend to adhere to other criteria to make the most of the client’s available time. In this sense, your route can take you from east to west, north to south, from the high mountains to the seashore, from the most baroque city to the most Andalusian, from the oldest Roman site to the most modern art museum.

There are no essential destinations in our Andalusia tours: everything will depend on what you want to visit, according to your tastes, your previous traveling experiences, and the days of the route. But if this is your first trip to this region, surely you will be fascinated by its great tourist capitals, which are often grouped in the same package, as they are very well connected by different means of transport.

If instead of making a circuit in Andalusia you prefer to stay in a city and use it as a base of operations to visit other places, you can enrich your trip with day trips. Thus you can discover amazing places like Ronda in Malaga, the Alpujarra in Granada, and many areas of Cádiz, the southernmost province, such as the route of the white towns or municipalities of great interest such as Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Private and tailor-made tours of Andalusia


Based on your availability for the trip, our tours in Andalusia have different durations. Some fit well into the concept of a weekend getaway, be it romantic, adventurous, cultural, or whatever. Some proposals have durations of three or four days, ideal to fit in the many bridges spread over the work calendar.

On other occasions, the duration of the circuit is around a week, several days that already allow offering global routes to discover the region as a whole. And if you want to spend more time on your trip, for example, a whole fortnight, there will be the opportunity to add days of pure relaxation, either on the beach, in resorts with a golf course or natural parks in touch with nature.

And as a means of transport for these circuits in Andalusia, we suggest one of our private vehicles with a driver. However, we also adapt to other proposals, taking advantage of the region’s first train and plane connections.


Below we show you some of the circuits in Andalusia that are most successful among our clients. But remember that we can design the final route to suit you, with the departure and arrival points you choose, in accommodation in the category you prefer and with the most appropriate means of transport for each group and each destination. Take a look at the proposals and let the charm of a unique region seduce yourself!


Of all our circuits in Andalusia, this is the one that will make you discover in-depth the Jewish past of the region. It is a journey back in time to learn about the Sephardic civilization that, in medieval times, became one of the most powerful and prosperous in the world. Despite the traumatic expulsion of 1492, many are the vestiges that have survived for more than five centuries, especially in cities like Córdoba, Granada, Lucena, or Jaén.

We will design a tailor-made trip to the Jewish quarters and the most valuable jewels of the Judeo-Spanish architectural heritage in the region. In this way, you will learn a little more about their customs and singularities, as well as relive the way of life that the Sephardim deployed in harmony with the rest of the cultures. Without a doubt, this circuit is an encounter with the history and roots of ancient Sepharad, which lives on the memory and heart of this spectacular region of Spain.


As you will discover in this circuit through Andalusia, southern Spain was a space of coexistence for centuries between the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. For many centuries, the latter was the dominant culture in this territory, which was called Al Andalus. From 711 AD to 1492, the footprint left by the Muslim civilization has been profound: both the Emirate and the Caliphate of Córdoba and the so-called Taifa kingdoms, in addition to the Almoravid and Almohad empires that transferred their cultural epicenter to Seville, without forgetting the brilliant final epilogue with the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

All these are enough incentives to design a separate and à la carte circuit so that you can enjoy an unforgettable trip. We will take you by the hand to know the most significant cities and the most emblematic vestiges of Andalusia. And in them, you will immerse yourself fully in the culture and history of Al Andalus, a time of splendor that has deeply marked the Andalusian character, from its music to its cuisine, through its monumental architecture or its crafts, among other aspects.


There is nothing better to discover the cultural ties between southern Spain and North Africa than with our tours of Andalusia and Morocco, in package tours tailored to your needs. In them, we can add the Andalusian cities where the Arab heritage is most evident (Córdoba, Granada, Seville, etc.) and the fascinating destinations in the neighboring country, located on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar. Marrakech, Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Essaouira, or Rabat are just some of the proposals.

A mixture of artistic styles such as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Andalusian, or Mudejar will fill your camera with color and exoticism. Added to this is the flavor of two gastronomies that are closer than you might imagine, with nuances that range from spicy to astringent, bitter, or sweet. Nor can we forget its most haunting folkloric manifestations, with flamenco or Berber music as great symbols. And all this in an incomparable natural setting, with breathtaking landscapes and warm and pleasant temperatures throughout the year.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting packages we can offer you is our vast experience as a receptive travel agency in Morocco, where we have been operating for several decades. Are you going to miss it? 


We propose a route to discover authentic Andalusia, leaving the provincial capitals fully entering the natural and rural environment of the Sierra de Grazalema. In this circuit, we will reach remote places full of beautiful landscapes, excellent gastronomy, influential culture, and distant history.

In this circuit through the deepest and most authentic Andalusia, you will be dazzled by the whiteness of its whitewashed villages, perched on high hills, or lying on gentle slopes, in contrast to the green landscape of this Natural Park, which also has its continuation in Los Alcornocales. They are distributed between the provinces of Cádiz and Málaga, some of the most famous being Olvera, Arcos de la Frontera, Grazalema or Zahara de la Sierra on the Cadiz side, as well as Jimera de Líbar or Algatocín on the Malaga side. We can add any town of your interest to this fascinating route through the white villages, whether for gastronomic, cultural, or practical reasons. We will offer you all the services you need, including transportation, to move from one place to another. There is no better way to make the most of this circuit’s beauty in Andalusia than on board one of our private vehicles with a driver!


Few circuits in Andalusia have more charm than those that go into the Alpujarra of Granada and the Alpujarra of Almeria. They are located on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the highest in Spain, and are distributed between the provinces of Almería and Granada. Villages full of legends and traditional architecture worth visiting are hidden there, especially in Capileira, Pampaneira, or Lanjarón. And all this is surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, ideal for the production of the highest quality Serrano hams in Trevélez and its surroundings.

We propose a unique journey through a land where customs from the times of Al Andalus still survive, configuring a fascinating place located just one hour from the Alhambra. A site full of white villages hanging on ravines, gastronomy that will leave you speechless, winding roads and spectacular views, thanks to its location within the Sierra Nevada National Park. A thousand surprises and adventures await you here, which our agency will put at your fingertips so that you can enjoy an unforgettable trip. 


This is one of the best circuits in Andalusia for those who have never visited this autonomous community yet. If that is your case, we can design a route that will take you through cities full of contrasts, where the vestiges of past civilizations still survive, such as the Roman, Andalusian or Sephardic cultures, but where the Christian affirmation of the Renaissance and the Baroque provide a dramatic counterpoint, without forgetting exciting more recent projects, from the 19th to the 21st century. Not surprisingly, three of these capitals are recognized as World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

The first is its capital, Seville. The ancient Roman Hispalis was later the Almohad capital and then the Port of the Indies when Spain embarked on the most ambitious project in its history: the discovery and conquest of America. The Giralda is its great icon, but also the Guadalquivir river, its Torre del Oro, its Plaza de España, its Reales Alcázares, and its spectacular Baroque churches.

Cordoba is not far behind in terms of history and heritage wealth, which dazzles today with its Mosque-Cathedral, its Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos, or its Jewish quarter, where the beautiful surprise of its synagogue is hidden. The Roman Bridge or the nearby Medina Azahara is another of the many attractions of this city recognized by Unesco.

A distinction that Granada also has, a mandatory stop on this circuit through Andalusia. It would be inexcusable to travel through southern Spain and not visit the Alhambra! This Nasrid palatine city is one of the most spectacular monuments in the world, with buildings as fascinating as the Comares Palace or the Palace of the Lions. You can also include the nearby Generalife in your visit or get lost in the picturesque Albaicín. Another attraction of the city is the Cathedral of Granada, with the Royal Chapel, where the remains of the Catholic Monarchs, Juana de Castilla, and Felipe el Hermoso rest.

Malaga is another city that makes up this circuit in Andalusia, as it is the second most populated city in the region and the most interesting from an artistic point of view. The hometown of Pablo Ruiz Picasso has a rich museum offer and a valuable architectural heritage, especially on Mount Gibralfaro, where its citadel and Roman theater are located.

If you can extend this circuit’s duration through Andalusia, you will not regret adding Cádiz, the southernmost provincial capital of Spain. Called the Silver Cup, it shines with a special light and conquers the visitor due to its inhabitants’ friendly character. Its cathedral, its Roman ruins, or its network of defensive constructions (bastions, castles, towers) will fill your cultural curiosity, while its charming beaches will refresh you in the summertime.

Also, if you have enough time, you can integrate the most peripheral capitals in this circuit through Andalusia: the evocative power of the Columbian Places and the industrial architecture in Huelva, the specular Cathedral of Jaén or the Alcazaba of Almería are some proposals to consider account, why not? Our agency will be in charge of designing the perfect itinerary through these Andalusian cities and reserving all the services to enjoy your stay in them to the fullest. 


If you want to suggest other circuits in Andalusia, you have to tell us. We will adapt to your suggestions and design a tailor-made route, entering any locality or natural space that you propose. The other World Heritage sites located in Úbeda-Baeza and Antequera, the beauty of popular destinations such as Ronda or Carmona, the most attractive towns on the Cadiz Costa de la Luz, the gastronomic appeal of places like Jabugo, Los Pedroches, the olive grove Jaén or the Cordovan countryside, the fascinating archaeological sites with Italica at the head… The list of options is huge!

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