A personal shopper in Malaga and other areas of Andalusia

Do you want to receive the best shopping advice during your stay in Andalusia? Do you have little time and want to make the most of every euro of your holidays in the south of Spain? Our agency can then provide you with the best personal shopper in Malaga, Seville, or any other part of the region. Our portfolio of suppliers is nurtured by experts in this field, specialized in diverse areas ranging from fashion to real estate. Contact us to enjoy the best criteria for each acquisition!


If you like to go shopping during your travels, having the services of a personal shopper in Malaga, Seville, or any other area of Andalusia is advantageous. Some of the most important are:

  • You will get more out of your money: nobody likes to waste their budget, whether it is bulky or not. Therefore, hiring a personal shopper in Malaga or any other part of Andalusia can be interpreted as an investment that will allow you to use your money better, saving on individual purchases or taking advantage of occasions that do not occur twice.
  • You will optimize your vacation time: our advisers know by heart all the commercial offers in your area. Both the most desirable places and their opening hours, their closing dates, or their promotional periods. For this reason, you will move ‘to shot,’ so that your shopping day is much more profitable.
  • You will know the criteria of an expert: a personal shopper in Malaga or any other city knows in depth their work area and the sector in which they operate. Therefore, it will give you valuable opinions, based on its knowledge about the trends in fashion, the traditional designs, the potential for revaluation of the products, and many other criteria.
  • You will buy with greater security: Andalusia is a region that is strongly committed to tourism, and that entails the promotion of trust with the client, wherever they come from. However, nowhere in the world is safe from scams or deception, such as an inflated price or a counterfeit product. Yet, our advisors’ extensive experience and the instinct they have developed during their careers will be a guarantee to avoid mishaps like these.

Sectors of our shoppers

The figure of the personal shopper in Malaga and the rest of Andalusia has achieved high relevance, adapting to various sectors related to luxury and tourism. Of course, one of the fields in which these advisers operate best is fashion and accessories. For this reason, these professionals’ services are of great help when visiting haute couture boutiques, prestigious brand outlets, or jewelers where artisanal and exclusive are mixed.

However, the world of fashion is not the only one in which a personal shopper moves in Malaga, Seville, or any other Andalusian province. An example of this is the real estate sector: having a trusted advisor in this area is an invaluable help in finding properties in the most sought-after areas of the region, whether they are urban lofts, rural cortijos, or beachfront villas.

Similarly, the motor world is also a sector in which our shoppers can advise you. If you plan to buy a high-end car or a motorcycle with massive displacement, being accompanied by an expert in the field will significantly help. Something similar to what happens with the acquisition of boats or amphibious vehicles.

On the other hand, the vast wealth and gastronomic tradition of Andalusia mean that gourmet purchases have exploded in recent years. So if you want to get the highest value wine, the most valued oil, or the best batch of 100% Iberian, we recommend you rely on the knowledge of our advisors. And in general, we can find the best personal shopper in Malaga and other luxury areas in any other sector. From electronics to beauty, through health, art galleries, and much more.


Andalusia has areas of reference in luxury tourism, and it is where our shoppers move best. Below we show you which are the areas with the highest incidence of this profession.

A personal shopper in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

If there is an area of ​​Andalusia where luxury is more present, that is the Costa del Sol. Thus, our agency has many professionals spread throughout the province, with special mention to cities such as Marbella and Estepona. A personal shopper in Malaga can take you to strategic places such as the Malaga Designer Outlet in the Plaza Mayor shopping center, the largest region. Or through streets of high caches, such as Marqués de Larios, in the heart of the capital and full of haute couture boutiques. You can also design a tailor-made route through emblematic walks such as Marbella’s Golden Mile and Puerto Banús, through places with gourmet gastronomic products or through the most prestigious beauty centers.

A personal shopper in Seville, the Andalusian capital

Of course, the capital of Andalusia, which is, in turn, the most populated city, also offers excellent possibilities for luxury shopping. Therefore, a personal shopper in Seville will help you optimize your time and move around its most prestigious establishments. The area with the highest concentration of high-end shops in the Old Town, especially the streets of Tetuán and Sierpes.

Other areas for luxury shopping in Andalusia

Of course, we can not only provide you with a personal shopper in Malaga and Seville, since luxury tourism is spread throughout the autonomous community. Sometimes, the marinas act as a pole of attraction for high-end shops and boutiques, as is the case in Sotogrande, but also in the interior of the region, as is the case with the historic center of Granada. Also, throughout the area, you will find branches of department stores in Spain, where you can also get items of the maximum exclusivity.

For all these reasons, get in touch with us. We will provide you with your shopper in Andalusia, whatever the destination of your vacation, the sector of your purchases, or the language you speak. We adapt to your requirements so that you get the best out of your trip!

Personal shopper service in Andalusia

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