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Our agency knows that there is no more precious good in life than time. For this reason, we provide you with this exclusive concierge service in Andalusia, a real luxury so that you can have more free time and focus on what matters to you. In the premium sector, it is the details that make the difference, and that is why all our trips are entirely tailored as if it were a suit.

We attend very demanding people and travelers, with busy lives who require personalized attention and different services. Therefore, we anticipate your expectations and adapt to your lifestyle to offer the most exclusive experiences, with the best advice.

What is a concierge?

The term concierge comes from the French Comte des Cieges, meaning something similar to “Guardian of the candles,” referred to people who assisted the nobility and aristocracy on visits to the palaces. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the concierge’s figure became common in hotels. Since then and today, the profession has evolved, making the leap from 5-star hotels to external companies, with highly qualified professionals capable of meeting higher-level tourism needs.

As in any other tourist destination, a concierge in Andalusia gives exclusive and personalized attention to the client. It is capable of organizing any activity in the events and travel sector. Thanks to the contacts and connections that a professional of this type has, it is possible to develop any idea you can imagine: access the most exclusive restaurants, buy last-minute VIP tickets for an important football match, get front row seats at a concert, get exclusive backstage passes, and even access private parties and exclusive events.

The skills and abilities of a concierge are many, such as kindness, ethics, understanding, honesty, respect, discretion. If to this we add a good knowledge of the country, as well as its surroundings, gastronomy or cultural heritage, the result is a trusted professional capable of attending and understanding all the needs of travelers.



We have a highly qualified team, with committed professionals, so we can provide you with a concierge in Andalusia that meets your expectations. We can offer you customized solutions, with a 360º vision, adapted to your preferences to cover all the aspects and concerns that may arise.

Our assistants will help you to book the most glamorous restaurants in Marbella, visit the most exclusive wineries in Marco de Jerez, access the unique events in Seville, get VIP passes for clubs on the Costa del Sol, enjoy the best beaches in Cádiz in an environment of total privacy … and everything you can imagine.

On the other hand, a concierge in Andalusia will help you prepare a fascinating surprise on the go: a romantic dinner, a farewell to remember for a lifetime, a birthday party for children and adults or any other change on the planned program.

In addition to being helpful to enjoy unforgettable experiences, having the support of a concierge in Andalusia will also allow you to solve any problem. If any complication arises in your trip, such as a flight delay or loss of luggage, this professional will also be there to help you solve the problem.

Another benefit that a concierge in Andalusia can bring you, as a great connoisseur of the area, is the optimization of your travel itinerary. The same will happen with your budget, as it will make you avoid unnecessary expenses and take advantage of opportunities that arise during your stay, always under the premise of sincere advice.


A concierge in Andalusia, also for business trips

On the other hand, the figure of the concierge in Andalusia will also be an invaluable help for those traveling for business reasons. A professional with this profile will be able to organize last minute work meetings, obtain technological solutions necessary for certain activities or carry out trustworthy assignments.

In addition, the professional that we assign to you for this task can help you before reaching your destination: they will contact all service providers and reserve everything you need so that nothing is left to chance upon your arrival. In the same way, if something unforeseen arises once the trip is over, it will remain your trusted contact after you have returned home.

Therefore, a good concierge in Andalusia will allow you to take your stay in this region to another level, be it a relaxing vacation, a disconnection getaway, a cultural trip or one related to the business world. The goal is for you to feel wrapped up 24 hours a day with a person who will assist you from start to finish, solving even the smallest detail.

And we remind you that Andalucía Exclusiva can provide you with other professionals to suit you, who will help you in very varied aspects of your trip. From a private chef for a vacation on a yacht to a translator-interpreter in any language, including drivers of high-end vehicles, personal shoppers from a wide variety of fields, boat skippers to navigate Andalusian waters, tour guides for personalized visits and much more.

¡Let us accompany you during your stay in southern Spain and enjoy the advantages of having a concierge in Andalusia! Get in touch with our agency, tell us your needs and we will get to work to provide you with the best professional.

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